We are MiKa Boutique, based on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada

MiKa Boutique was borne from our passion for creating beautiful, sustainable and unique pieces of art which reflect the magic of our West Coast surroundings. Our materials are sourced with utmost care to ensure minimal impact on our environment. We collect shells only once there are no longer living creatures inside, reclaimed wood is collected from the beach (not freshwater) as this is clean wood unused as shelter for small creatures. We will never cut live wood.

As such, we consider each shell, each crystal, each piece of wood, each stone, a precious gift from Mother Earth and Mother Ocean.


We are also proud to offer completely unique, hand crafted MiKa original walking sticks. Our crafter’s passion for creating sustainable, functional beauty in the form of walking sticks is borne out of necessity – as a runner and hiker he uses the stick in everyday life much as it was originally used for several centuries – as a support on uneven terrain.

Walking on the beautiful beaches and in the forests of the West Coast, hiding between the rocks and under crevices, one can find the most beautiful pieces of nature in the form of driftwood and roots. We will never cut live wood for our walking sticks, but instead will bring a piece of dead wood back to life – with painstaking attention to workmanship and detail, each piece is meticulously sanded and polished. We then add beautiful embellishments best suited to the character of the stick, such as brass handles, intricate leather binding, crystals, and sterling silver. The result is a work of beautiful, functional art in the form of a walking stick.

We always welcome requests for custom walking sticks.


Our jewelry and walking stick range represents the eclectic terrain, tones and textures of the West Coast environment by incorporating shells, semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals, sterling silver, and reclaimed wood. We are proud to offer handcrafted and sustainable jewelry with meaning. Crafted on the West Coast of British Columbia by local artisans.


We have now expanded our boutique to welcome the work of other local designers who share our passion and love of beauty, sustainability and bringing the magic of nature into our everyday lives.

And finally, we are proud to source beautiful Scandinavian and Mexican vintage and modern jewelry to round out our collection.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and we welcome your feedback and questions on any of our items.

The Beauty of the West Coast