Browse our selection of beautiful tips and bands, whether you prefer bronze, brass, sterling silver…in styles ranging from the most elegant to the most outlandish to the most simple and practical.  See our gallery at the bottom of this page.

Or perhaps you have some personal items you would like incorporated into a walking stick, we will be happy to provide options and ideas on how these can be incorporated, at your request.



We have a wide range of leathers to choose from if you decide to add binding to your special stick.

Other Embellishments

We are often asked to incorporate special stones and crystals into our work. We may be able to source particular pieces on your behalf, but we also encourage you if possible to bring your own special items for this purpose as it will make the stick that much more meaningful to the owner.


We can work within a wide range of pricing, depending on the level of detail and workmanship you desire. For example, the starting cost for a basic walking stick with rubber leather bound foot and a single ply leather handle will start at approximately $250. This includes all the start up work any one of our sticks requires – sourcing strong, good quality ocean based wood, sanding and polishing it by hand to perfection.

Once we understand your idea, we will give you a quote, and we will start work once a contract is signed and half the agreed upon amount has been paid.

We are eager to meet with you in person or via Zoom to discuss your idea and make it happen!


We have a large selection of knobs, bands, and other elements for you to add to your custom walking stick. Browse our gallery below and contact us to start your design.