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“Autumn in Vancouver” bracelet


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Another of our bold favourites, inspired by our love for Autumn Vancouver colours – a large agate Carnelian stone surrounded by New Picasso Jasper, Botswana agate and yellow turquoise – wow! So many positive influences: Jasper will protect and re-energize, Agate will soothe, and did you know Yellow Turquoise is actually a form of Jasper with Hematite! This MiKa original bracelet features a sterling silver pillow clasp.

Note:  Bracelet may be customized to any size, but changing from the current size will require 5-7 business days for re-stringing. Current size: Medium

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BANDED AGATE/CARNELIAN – balances body energy levels and aids physical coordination.
“NEW PICASSO” JASPER – considered a “Warrior” stone in the Middle Ages, Jasper supports during times of stress or conflict, re-energizes the body.
AGATE – considered a lucky charm and a stone of protection, agate soothes, calms and improves concentration, and YELLOW TURQUOISE – (actually Jasper with Hematite) – infuses one with its protective energies, enhances communication, creativity, and intuition.

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