Rainbow Fluorite & Sterling Cube Necklace


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This lovely piece comes in a variety of tones and styles depending on your preference of stone colour, and shape of the sterling silver beads. We can custom make to your style, including chain length and style, and also you may choose our sterling silver cubes, or more rustic “birds nest” beads. Please contact for additional options.

This photo features assorted tones of rainbow fluorite, with sterling silver cubes and 18 inch chain. MiKa original

This item is currently on display in a local artisan shop or gallery. Please contact us directly to arrange purchase/delivery in the Lower Mainland area: [email protected]

In stock

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Allow the power of rainbow fluorite to assist in bringing your sense of self back into balance

Nowadays it’s easy for our lives to get out of balance – our time and energy is often fixed outward on solving problems or worrying about dozens of things at once, rather than bringing strength back into ourselves through self care, meditation and grounding.
Rainbow fluorite can help bring you back to balance – re-centering energies, and calming the mind so that you can take things one step at a time. Sit with rainbow fluorite and allow it to gently guide you as you sort through mental clutter. Allow powerful and positive energy to flow in creating a solid foundation of peace, focus and balance. Finally the heart chakra is infused with confidence, relaxation, and compassion.

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Dimensions45.72 cm


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