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“Spring Blossoms” bracelet


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This elegant pink hued bracelet welcomes Spring with pretty freshwater pearls, quartz, and rainbow fluorite. Sterling silver cushion clasp.

Note:  Bracelet may be customized to any size, but changing from the current size will require 5-7 business days for re-stringing. Current size: Large

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RUTILATED QUARTZ – A lovely form of quartz crystal with black threads of rutile (titanium oxide) running through it. This combination brings an intense energy to this crystal, with the power to enhance one’s intuition and feel our connection with the universe.

FRESHWATER PEARL – Pearls are believed to signify innocence and faith. Freshwater pearls have been used to balance body rhythms with lunar cycles, thus harmonizing human beings with the natural world.

RAINBOW FLUORITE – A crystal effective for cleansing the chakras, rainbow fluorite is a protective crystal which is believed to block electromagnetic pollution and maintain balance in the physical body.

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