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  • Cobras have long been respected and feared for their elegance, prideful stance and venomous bite, and those powerful energies lie in wait within this bronze cobra head walking stick. Eyes are inlaid with exquisite garnet stones, and decoration further includes MiKa standard elegant leather wrap, brass studs, and sturdy non slip base.
  • STUNNING This snake themed walking stick has a million plus year old Megalodon tooth embedded in the snake's mouth - eyes are dramatic red tigers eyes. Standard MiKa Boutique sterling silver wire wrap, brass studs, elegant colorful leather wrap, and sturdy slip free base. Protect yourself and your companions on your forest hikes with this worthy warrior!
  • “Amigo” means “friend, and this stick will be your best friend outdoors when battling the elements. A pretty sterling silver kyanite bracelet has been silver wire wrapped to the top of this piece. Kyanite is a beautiful blue stone which brings calming and tranquility – ideal for a meditative walk in the forest. Dimensions: 5.8 feet approx. (70 inches)
  • A regal looking vintage silver band featuring a lion adorns this stunning stick. This piece is finished with intricate red and brown leather wrap, secured by brass studs. On the bottom is a sturdy slip-free rubber base encased by leather wrap. Length: 5.25 feet (63 inches)
  • Ethereal and mysterious colours and vibes in this amazing stick. Chocolate brown and gold leather binding, brass studs, and our standard strong non slip rubber base. Length: 4 feet approx. (49 inches)
  • Beautiful quartz globe set in silver wire wrap adorn this lovely stick. Quartz raises energy to the highest spiritual level, and the sphere shape ensures this energy emanates equally in all directions. Quartz is a source of light and power for positive thought. Length: 5.9 feet approx. (71 inches)
  • A perfect companion for the outdoorsman – intricate detail on the lovely bronze dog’s head sculpture, leather wrapping and hand strap, and a sturdy slip free rubber base encased in leather wrapping. Length:  4.5 feet approx. (54 inches)  
  • Silver wire wrap sets a beautiful Lapis point on the top of this stick. Lapis has long symbolized honour, power, vision, and wisdom, and is one of the birthstones for September. “Tecolote” means owl in Spanish, and many of the markings on this lovely stick resemble owl faces and eyes. Length: 5.75 feet approx. (69 inches)
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